Wild Berry incense is great. Consistency in your product is why I've been enjoying it for 9+ years. The employees are all great to talk to - thanks for the experience.
---David from Connecticut

I wish to express my pleasure of being a Wild Berry customer. I love fragrances such as Peach, you'll think you are walking through a peach field, or Gingerbread reminds me of my grandmother baking. My favorite is Aromatic Teakwood incense burning with Vanilla oil. Everyone who visits enjoys the atmosphere upon the door opening. They say "Aahh Wild Berry, that smells terrific". Try them all, I did!!
---Velvet from Ohio

Hey, I live in Canada and have to buy my incense from the States! Wild Berry is the BEST!!!!
---Donna from Ontario, Canada

I discovered Wild Berry by chance. Their incense sticks are by far the best I've ever used. My rooms are left smelling fragrant and aromatic for hours. I'm an overseas customer so I've had to contact the customer service team regarding several queries. The staff are absolutely brilliant and I got a personal response each time - very friendly, efficient and professional. An excellent online shop!
---Sazeda from Bolton, England

Have to let you folks know that Wild Berry incense is absolutely, unequivocally, the best incense on the planet! Seriously! I've tried just about every fragrance, every brand sold today, including, but not limited to: Mistix, Moodstar, ect., spent a plethora of cash- incense hound here- and they just do not hold up to Wild Berry! The exotic, long lasting aroma's of Wild Berry incense are second to none! Every time I light a stick of Wild Berry it sets my mood. It takes me back to better times. You can't imagine how many people I've turned on to Wild Berry incense with positive results in all cases. People love the stuff! They can't get enough of it. One stick is good for an hour! I know I probably sound a little over the top, but until you've actually experienced this incense, you won't know what I'm talking about. It's extremely hard to choose a favorite fragrance, but I think mine is Fairy Dust, Simmering Cider, Aromatic Teakwood, Clove, India Moon, jeez, I guess it's difficult for me to choose a favorite. All I have to say is: "Try it....You'll like it"!
Customer for life here...
Rock on people...
---Deborah from Colorado

Holy Moly! I just received the Bigges™ and have never seen incense that huge. Best incense on the planet. Been a customer for years, both in store and online.
Love you guys!
---Kat from New Jersey